The Platform will help your company acquire new freight without the need to exchange vast amounts of e-mails and phone calls or to search for information in excel sheets. The SmartMatch algorithm proposes you specific loads.

When the “Proposal” symbol is displayed on the freight list, it means that the special Platform algorithm (SmartMatch) has indicated your company to a client (forwarder or shipper).


The SmartMatch analyses the client’s transport needs, searches for companies which meet the conditions and automatically sends them a freight offer.

The algorithm takes into account a great deal of information about your company, such as your fleet and the routes that your company previously used.


Another important thing are the certificates confirming the quality of the services you offer. What also matters are other clients’ opinions and comments about their cooperation with your company.

You can genuinely influence the number of offers you will receive from the SmartMatch. The more information about your company can be found on the platform, the greater the chances that you will effortlessly receive interesting freight offers.


When you receive a proposal from the SmartMatch, decide whether it suits you. Check the basic information on the potential client’s company. Pay attention to Trans Risk which tells you whether the client has been a reliable payer so far.

Get familiar with freight information and make sure that you are able to meet the client’s requirements. Check the place of loading and unloading in order to efficiently plan the route. Check the suggested route and, should you have any doubts, make a cost estimation using a calculator.


If you find the offer interesting, you can negotiate by accepting the proposed rate or indicating yours. You can also send additional information to the client. If necessary, you can clarify the terms – simply use the messenger. Everything can be done in one place.

If you don’t find the offer interesting, please provide the reason for refusal. The SmartMatch algorithm learns about your expectations and capabilities in order to make you tailored freight offers.


You now know what the SmartMatch is. If you want to learn more, have a look at the related issues. Choose the issue you find interesting and click on it.

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