The platform enables you to handle freight offers with just a few clicks. 

Thanks to the filters, you will quickly find interesting freight offers. There are many options available for filtering the list.


You can assign the freight offer to a specific person from your company. You can accept, negotiate or reject the offer. The options depend on the type of freight you will receive.

If you receive a freight offer from a client with whom you cooperate on a regular basis, you can accept or reject it. The rate has been fixed earlier, that’s why it is not possible to negotiate it when the freight appears on the list. You can view the terms of your contract with the given client on the Platform.


If you have not fixed the terms of cooperation, you can negotiate the rates. You can see freight offers for which the client has provided suggested transport rates.

If you analyse the information about the client, transport details, and the map, and you decide that the freight offer is suitable, you can accept the freight with one click.


The “Awaiting acceptance” status lets you know that the contractor has been informed about your decision. In order to see their reply, refresh the page and find the freight. You can use filters or find it on the list.

The change of the status to “Accepted” informs you that the contractor approved the transaction. They should now issue a transport order, which will be available on the platform.


If you receive an offer with a specified rate, you can keep negotiating. Find freight offers which are still pending. The platform enables efficient negotiations. Indicate your offer and send it to the client. 

The freight status has been automatically changed, which means that the contractor has received your offer. Refresh and see the reply. If they decide to continue negotiations, you will see a change in the status and the proposed rate in the freight window.


If necessary, analyse the negotiations summary. If necessary, specify the details of the arrangements. A chat window for the freight will be immediately displayed in the messenger.

If you don’t find the freight offer interesting, you can reject it. The freight will disappear from the list and the client will automatically receive a message informing them of resignation.


The contractor may ask you about the price – just like in the case of this multistop freight (one whose route includes several points). Indicate the rate you propose.

You can also provide the client with any additional information relevant to the transport.


You now know how to easily handle freights. Check out other platform features which can help you in your daily work.

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