See how the Platform can facilitate efficient settlement of invoices for completed orders. No needless paperwork!

Each listed invoice has its own status. Invoices from orders executed via the Platform are issued the fastest. In this case, some of the data is filled in automatically.


You can also easily find a specific order and issue an invoice. The platform enables you to issue a collective invoice for several orders from the same contractor.

Generate the invoice with one click. Here you will find all the relevant information – including the details listed on the invoice, the contractors, payments made and attachments. Check if all data is correct.


The invoice can be downloaded or edited. If you notice an error before the status has been changed to “Paid”, you can also withdraw the invoice and issue it anew.

Check the payment status. You can quickly add information about payments made by the contractor.


If you need a different numbering format for the invoice being issued, simply make changes to the settings. You can also use a blank invoice form. Generate the invoice after saving it.

You can now efficiently generate invoices. Check out other platform features which can help you in your daily work.

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